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Facilities for the children and adolescents. Centres and places. By type. Counties and Aran

Facilities for the children and adolescents. Centres and places. By types. Counties and Aran Catalonia
Educational action residential centres Open centres Children's homes Intensive education residential centres
Centres Places Centres Places Centres Places Centres Places
2023 122 2,093 304 11,040 25 691 7 161
2022 121 2,092 299 10,786 22 614 7 161
2021 115 1,992 303 10,902 22 602 7 161
2020 108 1,929 289 10,535 19 523 7 153
2019 108 1,908 288 10,372 19 523 6 137
2018 106 1,897 285 10,205 19 523 6 142
2017 101 1,866 266 9,426 19 523 5 122
2016 97 1,845 266 9,426 19 532 4 94
2015 97 1,841 254 8,979 19 527 4 94
2015-2019: Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Families.
2020-2023: Ministry of Social Rights.
Note: Open centres funded by the DGAIA.

Last update: April 16, 2024.

Methodological note

Definition of concepts

Host centre
Residential center for immediate and temporary care of the child and adolescent from zero to eighteen years that should be separated from their family bounds while the diagnosis of the situation is done and the measure to be applied is determined. The aim of this type of facility is, therefore, observation, diagnosis, care and education in emergency situations of the minors at high social risk.
Open centre for children and adolescents
Preventive day service, outside school hours, which supports, encourages and promotes the structuring and development of personality, the socialization, the acquisition of basic learning and recreation, and compensates the socio-educational deficiencies of the people attended by individualized work, the group, the family, the networking and with the community. The aim is to provide care to all children at risk by encouraging their personal development and social integration and acquisition of learning, preventing and avoiding the deterioration of risk situations and compensating the socio-educational deficiencies.
Education Action Residential Centre (CRAE)
Institution for the care and education of minors to which the measure of simple hosting in institution is applied, according to the measure recorded in the previous report of the competent technical teams. It gives the child or adolescent from zero to eighteen years an alternative resource in the case of a non-existent family environment, deterioration or serious difficulties to cover their basic needs. The CRAE can be owned by the Generalitat de Catalunya or by an entity belonging to a concerted social initiative.
Intensive education residential centre (CREI)
Residential hosting service that has a limited staying provided by structural measures for the protection and education of adolescents and young people from twelve to eighteen years tutored by the Administration of the Government of Catalonia, which aims to provide educational and assistance answer to adolescents and young people with behavioral disorders that require intensive systems of education. The service can be complemented with specific units for children who have an obvious and notorious refusal to residential protection measures.

Methodological aspects

The Catalan social services system is the coordinated set of personal services, facilities, activities, economic benefits and of prevention, care and social promotion in Catalonia, which aims to ensure the participation of all citizens in the benefits of social life. Is specifically designed for individuals, families or groups who, by having difficulties in the development and integration into society, lack of personal autonomy, physical, mental or sensory disabilities, family problems or suffer social marginalization, are creditors of collective and caring effort.

The system is divided functionally into primary care social services and social services of specialized care, and is organized territorially in key areas of social services, sectors of county, regional and territorial areas of Catalonia, and in the following areas of action: care for family, childhood and adolescence; care for people with disabilities, old age care and treatment of drug addicts.

Location services can be temporary or permanent.