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European Parliament. Votes. By candidacies Catalonia
2014 2009 2004 1999 1994 1989 1987
Electors 5,492,297 5,370,606 5,329,787 5,287,365 4,955,761 4,656,943 4,501,155
Voters 2,536,152 1,984,066 2,121,380 2,898,807 2,571,438 2,399,637 3,057,978
PSC-PSOE 359,869 714,460 913,833 1,001,106 725,932 867,423 1,117,930
CiU 550,033 441,810 372,224 845,719 809,770 656,822 844,335
PP 247,156 356,764 380,284 488,440 475,259 205,023 339,676
ERC 596,730 181,827 251,267 174,934 142,195 - 112,297
ICV-EUiA 259,541 119,755 152,511 156,771 284,442 132,062 163,220
Podemos 117,116 z Category not applicable z Category not applicable z Category not applicable z Category not applicable z Category not applicable z Category not applicable
C's 158,109 z Category not applicable z Category not applicable z Category not applicable z Category not applicable z Category not applicable z Category not applicable
CDS z Category not applicable - - - - - 171,115
Others (1) 185,983 106,423 52,125 173,077 105,339 495,334 258,781
Blank votes 43,554 57,297 11,657 49,875 30,431 29,875 28,751
Void votes 22,524 15,023 4,418 19,544 10,648 19,167 26,393
Source: Ministry of Governance and Institutional Relations.
Note: (-) Received fewer than 100.000 votes.
(1) Candidacies and parties who received fewer than 100,000 votes are included here.
(z) Category not applicable.

Last update: August 14, 2015.


These statistics have a specific section with all the information available: Statistics on European Parliament Election Results (ELEPE).

Methodological note

Definition of concepts

Electoral roll
List of all adult people with the right to vote and that are able to fully utilise their civil and political rights. At present, the electoral roll is a state level archive of all people that have the right to vote and its confection and distribution is the responsibility of the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Prior to every consultation, there is period during which it is on display to the general public in order to rectify any possible errors or make any necessary modifications.
Person that satisfies the legal requirements to be able to exercise their right to vote.
Blank vote
Vote by an elector who, despite exercising their right to vote, does not select any of the options that are presented in the ballot. A vote for any candidate that has been legally withdrawn from the constituency is also considered a blank vote.
Void vote
Vote issued on an unofficial voting slip, that is not in an envelope or when an envelope contains more than one slip, or when the slip contains any kind of comment or modification or does not satisfy the established regulations for elections.
Person who really and effectively exercises their right to vote.

Methodological aspects

The chapter on elections provides detailed information about the last time each type of election was held: European Parliament, general elections for the Congress of Deputies, Parliament of Catalonia, municipal elections and referendums. Also, with respect to previous editions, the results are presented for Catalonia as a whole in order to be able to offer comparable series.

In the tables only votes for parties that obtained representation are listed, while other parties, coalitions or groups of electors have been grouped as a single category of "others". The list of the different acronyms and meanings of the parties and coalitions that are included among said "others" in all of the tables have not been included in this Annual.

List of the acronyms and names of the candidates that do appear in the tables
CiU Convergència i Unió
ERC Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya
IC-V Iniciativa per Catalunya-Verds
PP Partit Popular
PSC Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya
C's Ciutadans-Partit de la Ciutadania
CDS Centre Democràtic i Social

It should be noted that the acronyms used in the table headings do not always correspond exactly to the names different parties or coalitions used in officially standing for elections.

For full details of all of the coalitions and groups, we refer readers to specific publications of an electoral nature.

In the county tables, the different candidatures are ordered from the highest to the lowest number of votes obtained for each of the parties in Catalonia as a whole and for each type of election.

Unavailable information is represented using the symbol ":". When the value is lower than that of the minimum unit to be able to estimate the statistical operation or if it effects statistical confidentiality, the symbol used is "..".