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Parliament of Catalonia. Votes. Participation Catalonia
Electors Votants Vots en blanc Vots nuls
2021 5,624,067 2,884,845 24,087 41,430
2017 5,554,455 4,392,891 19,431 16,092
2015 5,510,853 4,130,196 21,895 15,952
2012 5,413,868 3,668,310 52,898 33,140
2010 5,363,688 3,152,630 91,631 22,354
2006 5,321,274 2,982,108 60,244 13,574
2003 5,307,837 3,319,276 30,212 8,793
1999 5,293,657 3,133,926 28,968 7,836
1995 5,079,981 3,232,959 31,417 9,007
1992 4,839,071 2,655,051 31,092 11,141
Source: Ministry for Foreign Action and European Union.

Last update: April 20, 2023.

Methodological note

Definition of concepts

Action of not participating in a vote. It is expressed as a number of people or percentage of the number of the electorate.
Person that satisfies the legal requirements to be able to exercise their right to vote.
Action of taking part in a vote. It is expressed as the number of people or percentage of the electorate.
Blank vote
Vote by an elector who, despite exercising their right to vote, does not select any of the options that are presented in the ballot. A vote for any candidate that has been legally withdrawn from the constituency is also considered a blank vote.
Void vote
Vote issued on an unofficial voting slip, that is not in an envelope or when an envelope contains more than one slip, or when the slip contains any kind of comment or modification or does not satisfy the established regulations for elections.
Person who really and effectively exercises their right to vote.

Methodological aspects

The chapter on elections provides detailed information about the last time each type of election was held: European Parliament, general elections for the Congress of Deputies, Parliament of Catalonia, municipal elections and referendums. Also, with respect to previous editions, the results are presented for Catalonia as a whole in order to be able to offer comparable series.

In the tables, only votes for parties that obtained representation are listed, while other parties, coalitions or groups of electors have been grouped as a single category of "others". The list of the different acronyms and meanings of the parties and coalitions that are included among said "others" in all of the tables have not been included in this Annual.

List of the acronyms and names of the candidates that do appear in the tables
CiU Convergència i Unió
ERC Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya
IC-V Iniciativa per Catalunya-Verds
PP Partit Popular
PSC Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya
C's Ciutadans-Partit de la Ciutadania
SI Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència
CUP Candidatura d'Unitat Popular-Alternativa d'Esquerres
JxSí Junts pel Sí
CatSíqueesPot Catalunya sí que es pot
CatComú-Podem Catalunya en Comú-Podem
JUNTSxCAT Junts per Catalunya

It should be noted that the acronyms used in the table headings do not always correspond exactly to the names different parties or coalitions used in officially standing for elections.

For example, for the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia 2003, Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds stood as a coalition with Esquerra Alternativa to form a candidature called ICV-EA, while the Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya did so along with Ciutadans pel Canvi, calling their candidature PSC-CIPC. Meanwhile, in the elections to the Congress of Deputies in 2004 ICV stood in coalition with Esquerra Unida i Alternativa to constitute a candidature called ICV-EUiA.

For full details of all of the coalitions and groups, we refer readers to specific publications of an electoral nature.

In the county tables, the different candidatures are ordered from the highest to the lowest number of votes obtained for each of the parties in Catalonia as a whole and for each type of election.

The new county of El Moianès was created on 1 May 2015 (Law 4/2015, of 23 April, on the creation of the county of El Moianès) from the aggregation of five municipalities of the county of El Bages, one from the county of Osona and four from the county of El Vallès Oriental.

Unavailable information is represented using the symbol ":". When the value is lower than that of the minimum unit to be able to estimate the statistical operation or if it effects statistical confidentiality, the symbol used is "..".