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Births and crude birth rate

Births and crude birth rate Catalonia. 2020
Value Variation (%)
Total 58,464 -5.0
Boys 29,832 -5.2
Girls 28,632 -4.9
Rate per 1,000 inhabitants 7.56 z
Source: Idescat. Births Statistics.
(z) Category not applicable.
Births and crude birth rate Spain. 2020
Value Variation (%)
Total 341,315 -5.4
Boys 174,842 -0.1
Girls 166,473 -10.3
Rate per 1,000 inhabitants 7.19 z
Source: INE. Births Statistics.
(z) Category not applicable.

Last update: July 21, 2021. Revised series on January 17, 2022.

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Methodological note

The Births Statistics provide information on the births, deliveries and late foetal deaths of people residing in Catalonia according to their demographic and social characteristics.

The crude birth rate is the quotient between the number of live births in a determinate year and the population halfway through the period. It is the most generic indicator of the birth rate phenomenon, but it does not describe the reproductive behaviour of a population and it does not take into account its structure for ages. It is expressed in so many per thousand.

The original source of the data are the statistical bulletins on births involving women living in Catalonia who are registered in civil registers. Until 2011, the data refers to the registrations made in Catalonia of people who reside there. From 2012 onwards, it includes all events involving residents in Catalonia who have been registered in other autonomous communities.

From 2012 onwards, the data is reported annually in two phases: the provisional data, based on events concerning residents registered with civil registries of Catalonia, and the definitive data, with events concerning all residents (including those registered with civil registries in other autonomous communities).Idescat draws up these statistics in collaboration with the INE, based on the delivery records of the Civil Registry.