Industrial Production Index (IPI) adjusted by working days

Industrial Production Index (IPI) adjusted by working days Catalonia. March, 2018
Year-over-year variation
Index % month % accumulated
General index (IPI) 117.3 6.0 4.5
Consumer goods 118.0 7.8 3.6
consumer durables 133.9 3.8 5.0
consumer non-durables 116.0 6.1 2.9
Equipment goods 123.6 9.4 8.3
Intermediate goods 117.4 5.7 5.3
Energy 102.8 -9.3 -2.3
Units: Base 2015=100.
Source: Idescat and INE.
Note: Data for the last three months are provisional.
Industrial Production Index (IPI) adjusted by working days Spain. March, 2018
Year-over-year variation
Index % month % accumulated
General index (IPI) 115.2 5.4 2.8
Consumer goods 112.1 4.2 1.6
consumer durables 117.4 0.1 1.7
consumer non-durables 111.4 3.7 1.4
Equipment goods 123.3 5.0 3.5
Intermediate goods 117.1 2.9 3.7
Energy 106.2 9.9 1.9
Units: Base 2015=100.
Source: INE.
Note: The data are provisional.

Date published: May 9, 2018. Next update: June 6, 2018 Calendari

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Methodological note

The Industrial Production Index (IPI) is a short-term indicator which measures changes in the production activity of the industrial branches. The purpose of the index is to measure change in the volume of gross added value generated by the industrial branches and by industry as a whole. Consequently it measures changes in industrial production without the price effect.

The indexes use Laspeyres methodology, with weightings set for the base year (2015), in line with the information from the Annual Industrial Company Survey (AICS) and the Annual Industrial Product Survey (AIPS).

A continuous survey is taken every month in order to produce this short-term indicator. The industrial products which make up the basket for the IPI base 2015 basically follow the PRODCOM (Community Production) classification for harmonization of statistics for industrial production in European Union countries.

In compliance with EU regulations, since January 2018 the indexes have been published with the new base 2015 and following the new Catalan Classification of Economic Activities 2009 (CCEA-2009). Linked series since January 2002 are also provided.

The industrial production for a month depends on the number of working days in that month. As the working calendar of a given year is known beforehand, it is possible to estimate the incidence on industrial production of months of different durations and also Easter. The IPI corrected by the effects on the labour calendar enables the calculation of rates of variation between months of homogeneous duration. The correction is made to the general index and to each of the three destination groups.

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