Tourism of residents in Catalonia. Declared expenditure

Tourism of residents in Catalonia. Declared expenditure Catalonia. 2nd quarter 2018
Year-over-year variation
Value absolute % quarter % accumulated
Total trips spending (€M) 2,133 461.7 27.6 29.7
Average expenditure per person (€) 229 33.1 16.9 19.7
Average daily expenditure per person (€) 76 7.0 10.1 11.6
Total day trips spending (€M) 414 -20.2 -4.7 5.7
Average expenditure per person (€) 33 -0.1 -0.4 -0.5
Source: Idescat, based on data of the INE's Residents Travel Survey.
Note: The data for the year 2018 are provisional.

Date published: October 1, 2018. Next update: December 21, 2018 Calendari

Methodological note

The Tourism of residents in Catalonia statistic involves data processed by Idescat based on the Residents Travel Survey from the INE.

Its goal is to measure the number of tourism trips and day trips by residents in Catalonia, and the expenditure associated of said trips.

Said declared expenditure includes transportation, accommodation, restaurants, foodstuff, activities, durable goods and other expenses.

From year 1996 to January 2015, the Spanish Institute of Tourism was in charge of producing the Residents Travel Survey. Starting in February 2015, the body in charge of said operations is the INE. Said shift of responsibilities also entailed a change in the design and methodology of the surveys, which means the data will not be entirely comparable to previous series.

Said methodology is expanded in Tourism of residents in Catalonia.

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