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Government debt relative to GDP

General government gross debt 2020
Catalonia Spain European Union-27
% of GDP 37.1 (p) 120.0 90.7
Million EUR (current prices) 79,119 (p) 1,345,570 12,078,219
Source Catalunya: Banc d'Espanya i Comptabilitat regional d'Espanya de l'INE. Font Espanya i Unió Europea: Eurostat.
(p) Provisional value.

Last update: June 1, 2021.

Methodological note

This indicator shows the general government's consolidated gross debt as a percentage of GDP.

The general government sector comprises the subsectors of central government, regional government, municipal government and Social Security funds. GDP used as a denominator is gross domestic product at current market prices. The debt is valued at its face value, and foreign currency debt is converted into national currency from year-end exchange rates (although special rules for contracts apply).

National data for the general government sector are consolidated across subsectors. The basic data is expressed in the national currency, converted into euros using the final year exchange rate for the euro provided by the European Central Bank.

General government debt is defined as consolidated gross debt and is valued at face value at year-end prices.

General government debt (as defined in ESA 2010) is broken down into currency and deposits (AF.2), different stock values (AF.3), and loans (AF.4).

As of September 2014, the European Union has established the mandatory implementation of the new European System of Accounts (ESA 2010), which is the methodological framework for drawing up national accounts estimates in all European Union countries.