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Primary energy consumption

Primary energy consumption 2019
Catalonia Spain European Union-27
Index 2005 = 100 93.9 (p) 88.8 90.3
Million tonnes of oil equivalent 22.1 (p) 120.8 1,351.9
Source Catalonia: Ministry of Business and Knowledge. Catalan Energy Institute. Source Spain and European Union: Eurostat.
(p) Provisional value.
Indicador ODS Indicator 07.10 from the EU Sustainable Development Goals

Last update: April 8, 2021.

Statistics ENE

Methodological note

The indicator measures the total energy needs of an area excluding all non-energy use of energy vectors (e.g. natural gas used not for combustion but for producing chemicals).

It is calculated as the aggregation of local production with the energy import / energy export balance, taking into account stock variations and bunkers.