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European Union indicators

The European Union indicators are a set of indicators referring to different aspects of the demographic, economic and social reality of Catalonia in comparison with Spain and the rest of the European Union. These indicators come both from the objectives set by the European Commission at the different summits and from the selection of basic statistics disseminated by the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat). They also include the UE sustainable development goal indicators for Catalonia within the context of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

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Idescat has been disseminating European Union indicators since 2007. Likewise, this set is made up of a selection of four groups of statistical data:

  • Structural indicators: A set of indicators arising from the Lisbon Summit in 2000 and aimed at monitoring European policies in the early years of the 21st century. Idescat has been disseminating these indicators since 2005.
  • Europe 2020 indicators: A system of indicators that emerged from the Europe 2020 Strategy and are considered strategic by the European Commission for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Idescat has been disseminating these indicators since 2012.
  • Figures of Catalonia: A selection of basic data on Catalonia compared with those of Spain and the European Union and published in the booklet Figures of Catalonia, which Idescat has been publishing since 1989.
  • UE sustainable development goal indicators for Catalonia: These indicators are structured on the basis of the 17 Goals of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda and provide a statistical overview of sustainable development in the UE and its Member States. Since 2019 Idescat has incorporated into its official statistics the compilation, maintenance, updating and dissemination of the UE ODS indicators for Catalonia, taking as a reference the indicators published by Eurostat and its criteria for quality, soundness and methodological suitability. These indicators carry the official logo of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. ODS indicators

Idescat manages and updates all the data that form part of this European Union indicator system. The data for Catalonia are provided by the different organisations that comprise the Statistics System of Catalonia and follow the same methodology as the European data, which guarantees the comparability of the data. The data for the European Union and Spain, however, come from Eurostat.

Most of the indicators include a "See also" section, which allows the data to be viewed directly on the Eurostat website.

The European Union indicators are annual and are updated using the most recent data from Catalonia as a reference. Most indicators offer series starting in the year 2000.