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Energy productivity

Energy productivity 2019
Catalonia Spain European Union-27
Chain linked volumes (2010) in EUR 8.8 (p) 8.9 8.4
PPS per kg of oil equivalent 9.4 (p) 10.0 9.3
Source Catalonia: Ministry of Business and Knowledge. Catalan Energy Institute. Source Spain and European Union: Eurostat.
(p) Provisional value.

Last update: April 8, 2021.

Methodological note

The indicator measures the amount of economic output that is produced per unit of gross available energy. The gross available energy represents the quantity of energy products necessary to satisfy all demand of entities in the geographical area under consideration. Economic production is expressed in euros in volume chained to the reference year 2010 with the exchange rates of 2010 or in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). The former is used to observe the evolution over time for a specific region while the latter allows comparing Member States in a given year.