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People killed in road accidents

People killed in road accidents 2020
Catalonia Spain European Union-27
Persons 204 .. ..
Number per 100.000 persons 2.6 .. ..
Source Catalonia: Ministry of Home Affairs. The Catalan Transit Service.Source Spain and European Union: Eurostat.
(..) Confidential data, low reliability or not available.

Last update: July 23, 2021.

Methodological note

The indicator measures the number of fatalities caused by road accidents, including drivers and passengers of motorised vehicles and pedal cycles as well as pedestrians. Persons dying on road accidents up to 30 days after the occurrence of the accident are counted as road accident fatalities. After these 30 days, the reason for dying might be declared differently. For Member States not using this definition, corrective factors were applied.

The average population of the reference year (calculated as the arithmetic mean of the population on 1st January of two consecutive years) is used as denominator (per 100 000 persons).