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Proposed Catalan Classification of Education 2019 (CCED-2019)

Idescat has produced a proposed revision of the current Catalan Classification of Education 2000 (CCED-2000), a classification of programmes at educational levels, classification of educational attainment and classification of programmes by fields of education due to the adoption by Catalonia of the International Standard Classification of Education 2011 (ISCED-2011) that was formally adopted by the 36th session of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) General Conference, at the international level, and the National Classification of Education (CNED-2014) at the state level. This new classification, the Catalan Classification of Education 2019 (CCED-2019), is expected to be made official sometime in 2019.

In accordance with its functions, Idescat is beginning the process of making this statistical classification official through prior discussion, among other procedures, with the bodies and institutions that form part of the Statistical System of Catalonia in order for them to formulate any observations that they consider relevant, especially those that are related with their competences.

It is foreseen that the consultation processes, the final technical work and the legal dispositions in relation to this new classification will be ready in sufficient time to guarantee that its use in official statistical activities in Catalonia will become compulsory during 2019, to thus guarantee the maximum compatibility of Catalan data with the same on a state and international level.