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Contributors and Affiliations to Social Security based on Contributors' Registered Place of Residence. 03/2024

The number of Social Security contributors in Catalonia increases by 108,085 people in March 2024, which represents an increase of 3.1% compared to the same month of the previous year and stands at 3,575,905 people, according to provisional data. Contributors has increased in 39 counties and Aran, among which El Solsonès stands out, which increases by 12.0% (affected by the new county division), L'Alt Empordà (6.7%) and La Selva (5.2 %). At the other extreme, the only counties in which the number of contributors decreased are La Segarra (−4.2%) and Osona (−1.5%), both affected by the new county division.

In relation to February, the number of contributors has increased in Catalonia as a whole by 49,035 people, 1.4%. The number of contributors has grown in all counties and Aran, led by La Selva (7.2%), El Baix Empordà (6.2%) and El Tarragonès (5.8%).

By sex and compared to a year ago, in Catalonia as a whole, the number of women affiliated with Social Security increases by 56,130 and that of men by 51,955, which represents year-over-year increases of 3.4% and 2.8%. respectively.

In Catalonia as a whole, all age groups have increased the number of contributors compared to a year ago. Contributors under 30 are those that increase the most in Catalonia as a whole (6.1%), followed by those aged 55 or over (5.8%).

Contributors of foreign nationality increased in Catalonia as a whole by 8.8% compared to the same month of the previous year, and they did so in 38 counties and Aran. Contributors of Spanish nationality increased by 2.0% in Catalonia as a whole and also in 38 counties and Aran.

Affiliations in the services sector have increased by 3.6% year-over-year, the largest increase of all sectors, and have grown throughout the territory, except in 2 counties. In the industry, affiliations have increased by 1.8% in Catalonia as a whole, and they have also done so in 35 counties. In the case of construction, the increase was 1.3%, and it has grown in 21 counties and Aran. Agriculture has also increased its affiliations, although with the smallest increase of all sectors, 0.9%.

By type of working day, 19.4% of employee affiliations in March are part-time. In the case of women, the proportion is 26.4%, more than double that of men (12.5%).

With regard to temporary contracts, the proportion of Social Security affiliations for temporary employees stands at 11.1%, 1.3 percentage points less than a year before. The county with the highest level of temporary contracts is La Ribera d'Ebre (17.1%), and those with the lowest levels are El Baix Empordà (8.3%) and L'Alt Empordà (8.6%).