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CENSAG Agricultural Census

The Agricultural Census is performed within the framework of the European Community programme of surveys on the structure of agricultural operations, which is carried out by all the States of the European Union. The programme stipulates that an agricultural census must be carried out every ten years, with sample surveys to be completed during intercensal periods. The purpose is to have updated and comparable information from all the member States and to use these statistics as a basic element within the design of the common agricultural policy.

The Agricultural Census is a statistic broken down by municipalities, counties, areas of the Territorial Plan, provinces and Catalonia. Since 2009, the INE has been the body responsible for the agricultural Census throughout the State. The 2020 Agricultural Census presents census information, which makes it possible to have basic information up to the municipal territorial area, and modular type data, which are collected by sampling and make it possible to have complementary information only for the territorial area of Catalonia. Idescat broadens the dissemination of INE census data by offering information by county and expands the detail of municipal data.

The cycle that started with the 2020 Agricultural Census will include two sample surveys, one in 2023 and one in 2026.

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