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CENSPH Population and Housing Census

The Population and Housing Census is the statistical operation that, on an annual basis, provides a count of the resident population in the territory and its geographical distribution. It also provides information on the main demographic and social characteristics of the population, households and families, and dwellings.

Territorially, it offers information on a municipal level, inframunicipal level (census tracts, districts and census tract groups), by counties, areas of the Territorial Plan, provinces and Catalonia.

The Population and Housing Census is a state-wide statistical operation carried out by the INE, although since 1991, Idescat has been collaborating in different aspects of the census work. The Population and Housing Census 2011 was carried out for the first time by European mandate.

The Population and Housing Census 2021 has not been built based on household interviews (as was done in previous censuses) but has mostly been done by combining administrative records. Until 2021 the Population and Housing Census was a decennial census. From this date onwards, the population census will become annual, and the housing census will be carried out every 3 or 4 years.

The dissemination of the results of the annual Population Census includes data on the structure of the population (sex, age, place of birth and nationality), migration, studies, relation to economic activity and a set of indicators.

Interactive maps of the Population and Housing Census indicators by province, area of the Territorial Plan, county and Aran, municipality, census track group, census district and census tract

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