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PENS Statistics on Contributory Pensions

Contributory pensions, usually of indefinite length, are those awarded provided that there exists a previous legal relationship with the Social Security and the fulfilment of certain contributory requirements. The contributory pension data are presented in two modalities.

  • Contributory Social Security pensions. Information is presented on the number of pensions and pensioners and the average gross pension in December of people residing in Catalonia in terms of coverage, type of pension, amount received in pensions, age and gender, broken down territorially as far as the municipal area. The source of information is the administrative file on contributory pensions of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and the Social Marine Institute (ISM). In addition, information on pensions managed by the INSS and ISM delegations in Catalonia is presented, regardless of whether the beneficiary of the pension resides in Catalonia or not. This information ceased to be updated in 2016.
  • Passive Classes of the State pensions. Information is presented on the number of pensions, the gross average pension in December and the annual amount of the pensions of civil servants and the military managed by the provincial delegations of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function in Catalonia. The data are presented for the whole of Catalonia. The source of information is the data provided by the Ministry.



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