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PIBC Territorial Gross Domestic Product

The gross domestic product (GDP) measures the total production activity of a territory's productive units. As for Gross Value Added (GVA), it represents the wealth generated by the economy during the period in question and is obtained from the difference between the value of production and the value of the intermediate consumption used (raw materials, services, exterior supplies, etc.).

Idescat performs GDP estimates for the counties of Catalonia and L'Aran, municipalities with over 5,000 inhabitants and county seats. As for the GVA, it estimates 11 branches of economic activity for municipalities with over 45,000 inhabitants and all the counties of Catalonia and L'Aran. For municipalities with over 5,000 inhabitants and county seats, the GVA results are presented for the major economic activity sectors (agriculture, industry, construction and services).

In addition, advanced GDP and GDP per capita data are offered for municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants.



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