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RD Statistics on R&D Activities

The Statistics on R&D Activities provide information on the economic and human resources assigned by the sectors of Public Administration, higher education, private non-profit institutions and business enterprises to the above activities.

The results are presented grouped together for each of the sectors. The information is broken down in accordance with the different variables. Thus, in the case of Public Administration it is presented by type of Administration; for higher education institutions it is broken down by type of institution, while for business enterprises it is displayed by sector of economic activity (agriculture, industry, construction or services), size in terms of number of employees and type of company.

The primary source of information is made up of the annual Statistics on R&D Activities drawn up by the INE in partnership with Idescat in Catalonia (in accordance with the agreement signed by the two institutes). Idescat performs the detailed statistical processing of the information for Catalonia and thus offers an overview of the research activity conducted by each of the sectors of the economy. This survey is performed in accordance with the recommendations of the OECD to be found in the Frascati Manual, in such a way that the requirements enabling comparability with other countries are met.



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