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The register of corrections is a sorted list of unforeseen modifications of the statistical results that have been published on the Idescat website.

For the purposes of this register, the following are regarded as corrections:

  • Errors that appear on the website.
  • Improvements to the statistical results, i.e. unanticipated changes due to the availability of new information that enriches the initial calculations. The improvements are indicated with the letter m in the correction's code.

This does not include, therefore, modifications to the data that are the result of periodical and announced revisions, as occurs with many statistics.

This record was set up on October 20, 2010 and documents corrections made since January 2010. Each correction consists of one basic item of information: the information affected, its thematic area, the publication date of the data and the date it was rectified. It is also possible to view a brief description of the error and a link to the table affected.

In addition, both it is reported that there is a correction on the statistics page and at the foot of the table, which will be visible for six months in case of short-term statistics and two years in case of structural statistics.

Idescat strives to minimise the corrections disseminated on its website, but if they occur, it also undertakes to communicate them publicly, with the aim of guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the data, which is a characteristic of official statistics.