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On 22nd June 2006, Idescat organised the Statistics Day, thus providing continuity with the previous editions organised by the Universitat de Girona (2005), the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2004), the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2003), the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2002) and the Universitat de Barcelona (2001). Statistics Day is a good chance for the statistical community to gather together in order to comment on and debate issues of common interest from the academic, institutional or professional standpoint.

Programme (06.22.2006)

9.30 h–10.00 h


Welcome: Josep Maria Vegara, director of the Statistical Institute of Catalonia

10.00 h–11.00 h

Lecture: Orientaciones actuales en el análisis de series temporales económicas, Antoni Espasa, full professor at the Universidad Carlos III

11.00 h–11.30 h

Coffee break

11.30 h–12.30 h

Lecture: Los censos de población del 2011: diferentes alternativas, Miguel Ángel de Castro, director general of Processes and Statistical Infrastructure, National Statistical Institute

12.30 h–12.45 h


12.45 h–14.00 h

Round table: Small area estimation methods in official statistics in Catalonia: Between research and application.

  • Àlex Costa, Head of the Production of Economic Statistics Area, Statistical Institute of Catalonia
  • Maribel Garcia, Statistical Institute of Catalonia
  • Albert Satorra, full professor at Pompeu Fabra University
  • Eva Ventura, full professor at Pompeu Fabra University

Moderator Enric Ripoll, Head of the Statistical Technical Assistance Area, Statistical Institute of Catalonia

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14.00 h–14.15 h

Awards ceremony for the 4th Student Contest on Applied Statistics. Winner: "Anàlisi d'una sèrie temporal: temperatures mínimes absolutes mensuals d'Ourense" by Susana Conde.

Closing ceremony

The lectures were held in the auditorium at the Hotel Montblanc, Via Laietana 61, Barcelona.

Photographs (06.22.2006)

Antoni Espasa
Antoni Espasa during his talk
Joaquim Capellades and Miguel Ángel de Castro
Joaquim Capellades introducting Miguel Ángel de Castro (on the right)
Miguel Ángel de Castro
Miguel Ángel de Castro during his talk
Maribel Garcia, Àlex Costa, Enric Ripoll, Eva Ventura and Albert Satorra
Members of the round table on small area estimations: from left to right, Maribel Garcia, Àlex Costa, Enric Ripoll (moderator), Eva Ventura and Albert Satorra
The audience during the events held on Statistics Day
Susana Conde, Joan del Castillo and Enric Ripoll
Joan del Castillo (director of the UAB's statistical service) and Enric Ripoll awarding the prize for the 4th Applied Statistics Student Contest to the winner, Susana Conde