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Main dwellings. By useful surface

Main dwellings. By useful surface Catalonia. 2021
Value % over the total
Up to 30 m2 34,803 1.2
From 31 to 60 m² 893,348 29.9
From 61 to 90 m² 1,181,950 39.5
From 91 to 120 m² 443,055 14.8
From 121 to 150 m² 187,817 6.3
From 151 to 180 m² 92,698 0.0
More than 180 m2 123,144 4.1
Not stated 32,542 1.1
Total 2,989,357 100.0
Source: Idescat, based on the Population and Housing Censuses INE's.

Last update: October 30, 2023.


These statistics have a specific section with all the information available: Population and Housing Census (CENSPH).

Methodological note


A structurally separate and independent enclosure that, due to the manner in which it was built, rebuilt, transformed or adapted, is intended to be inhabited by people or, even if it was not, constitutes the normal residence of someone at the time the census was taken. By way of exception, enclosures which at the time of the census are being utilized for other purposes (such as those strictly being used as locales) are not considered dwellings, despite having been initially intended for use for human inhabitation.

Family dwelling

A dwelling intended for the inhabitation of one or various persons, not necessarily related to one another, which does not constitute a group.

surface area of a dwelling

Is measured from within its exterior walls, without considering uninhabitable basement and attic space. A dwelling's surface area includes 50% of the area of the terrace, if it is covered and unenclosed, and 100% if it is enclosed.