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Imports from developing countries

Imports from developing countries 2020
Catalonia Spain European Union-27
Underdeveloped countries 2,132.0 (p) .. ..
Lower middle income countries 5,913.8 (p) .. ..
Other countries with low average income 4.3 (p) .. ..
High middle income countries (except China) 6,021.9 (p) .. ..
China (except Hong Kong) 8,328.1 (p) .. ..
Total developing countries 22,400.0 (p) .. ..
Units: Millions of euros (current prices).
Source Catalonia: Idescat, based on data from the Customs and Special Tax Department of the Spanish Central Tax Authority. Source Spain and European Union: Eurostat.
(p) Provisional value.
(..) Confidential data, low reliability or not available.

Last update: April 20, 2021.

Methodological note

The indicator is defined as the value (at current prices) of EU imports from developing countries. In this context, developing countries are defined as the countries on the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) list of official development assistance beneficiaries. The indicator is presented broken down by income groups of partner countries, as distinguished by the DAC list. Please note that these groups are not static over time, as countries can change groups.