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Industrial Products Survey

The Industrial products survey (EIP) is an annual statistical operation carried out by the INE, in collaboration with Idescat in the area of Catalonia, to obtain precise and reliable information on a wide set of industrial products.

The main objectives of the Survey are to provide complete and recent information on the products in the industrial sector, offering the results in sufficient detail for the study of a wide range of products, the analysis of its markets and the evolution of chronological series. The Survey also presents information that is fully integrated with that corresponding with foreign trade data and that with other EU countries, thanks to the application of common methodologies.

Idescat performs an annual tretament of the individualised data of the Survey in order to expand the results available for Catalonia. The results are presented in four types of tables (see section 9 of the methodology). In addition, an Excel sheet with a comprehensive list of the products researched by the Survey can be downloaded, including those which are statistically confidential and those not manufactured in the reference year.

The Catalan Classification of Economic Activities 2009 (CCAE-2009) has been used since 2008. The results from 1993 to 2007, for which the CCAE-93 was used, are included in the publication titled Estadística, producció i comptes de la indústria [Industrial statistics, production and accounts].

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