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The Industrial products survey (EIP) is an annual statistical operation carried out by the INE, in collaboration with Idescat in the area of Catalonia, to obtain precise and reliable information on the value and quantity of a wide set of industrial products (some 4,000) covering most of the industrial sector.

This section shows the results of the IEP from 2008, the first year that used the Catalan classification of economic activities 1993 (CCAE-2009). In the surveys from 2000 to 2007 the classification used was the CCAE-93. The results for Catalonia produced by Idescat for 2000 to 2007 are available in PDF format as Industry statistics, production and accounts. Idescat has also published the EIP for Catalonia since in the form of a book of the same name.

The results of the EIP are presented in four types of table:

  • A table of totals for the sale of products manufactured in each of the 16 groups and 56 branches into which the researched area of production is subdivided. Clicking on a group shows the results for the branches and clicking on the branch shows the table described next.
  • A table for each branch that shows all of the manufactured products. For each product is shown the name, the PRODCOM-EIP code (to 10 digits), the value (in thousands of euros) and the quantity (in the corresponding unit) of the sold production. If for reasons of statistical secrecy this information cannot be published, we only show the code and name of the product. This table offers the historical series of results for each of the products, when they are clicked on.
  • A table showing all of the manufactured products that are not subjected to statistical secrecy. This table shows, ordered by value of their sales, the 50 products with the greatest sold production. A bar at the bottom of the table can be used to incorporate groups of 50 products.
  • A table generated by the search engine using the set of products that in their name or PRODCOM code is a sequence of characters or numbers as entered in the search window. Once a product is chosen from the list of results, the product file appears that consists of the historical series of results for this product: value, quantity and unit of the production sold and position in the ranking of sales.

Finally, for each of the years available there is the possibility of downloading an Excel file with a comprehensive list of all of the products researched by the EIP (at 10, 8 and 6 digits of the PRODCOM-EIP), including those that are subject to statistical secrecy and those not manufactured in the year of reference.

The results for the last year published are provisional.

Available information

Results of all researched products (in Excel)

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