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Contributors and Affiliations to Social Security based on Contributors' Registered Place of Residence. 01/2024

The number of Social Security contributors in Catalonia stood at 3,496,005 people in January 2024, a figure that represents an increase of 82,625 people (2.4%) compared to the same month in the previous year, according to provisional data. The number of contributors increased in 37 counties and Aran, including El Solsonès, which rose by 11.7% (affected by the new county division), L'Alt Empordà (4.1%) and El Gironès (3.1%). At the other end of the scale, the number of contributors decreased in La Segarra (-4.0%) and Osona (-1.8%), both affected by the new county division, and in La Ribera d'Ebre (-1.1%) and La Terra Alta (-0.5%).

In relation to December 2023, the number of contributors fell in Catalonia as a whole by 21,300 people (-0.6%), and also in 32 counties and Aran; by contrast, it grew in 9 counties and stayed the same in one.

By sex and compared to a year ago, in Catalonia as a whole the number of women contributors increased by 44,330 and the number of men by 38,295. This represents year-over-year increases of 2.8% and 2.1%, respectively.

In Catalonia as a whole, all age groups increased their number of contributors compared with a year ago, except for the 30 to 44 age group, which decreased by 0.4%. Those aged 55 and over increased the most in Catalonia as a whole (5.4%), followed by those aged under 30 (4.6%).

Contributors of foreign nationality rose in Catalonia as a whole by 7.7% in relation to the same month in the previous year. They were up in 36 counties and Aran, including La Cerdanya (12.0%), El Berguedà (11.0%) and L’Alt Empordà (9.9%), in addition to El Solsonès, which is affected by territorial changes. Contributors of Spanish nationality rose by 1.4% in Catalonia as a whole and in 35 counties and Aran.

The affiliations in the services sector, which represent 78.9% of the total, increased by 2.8% year-over-year, the highest increase of all sectors and up throughout the territory except in two counties. Affiliations in industry rose by 1.3% in Catalonia as a whole and were higher in 31 counties and Aran. The increase in construction was 1.4% and they grew in 25 counties and Aran. Agriculture is the only sector in which affiliations fell, by 0.4%, a figure which represents 210 fewer affiliations than a year ago.

By type of working day, 19.5% of employee affiliations in January were part-time. In the case of women the proportion is 26.6%, more than double the figure for men (12.4%).

In terms of temporary contracts, the proportion of Social Security affiliations for temporary employees stood at 11.2%, 1.7 percentage points less than a year ago. The county with the highest level of temporary contracts is L'Alta Ribagorça (17.2%), while El Baix Empordà (8.7%) and L'Alt Empordà (8.9%) have the lowest levels.