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CPS Social Protection Accounts

These accounts show the expenditures and financing of social protection in Catalonia: how the resources are distributed and the flows of financing that allow them to work. The data are presented so that the results are comparable with other countries and regions, and the methodology used is from Eurostat's European System of Integrated Social Protection Statistics (SEEPROS).

The concept of social protection applied includes all the interventions by public or private bodies aimed at lightening the burdens that an established series of risks or needs pose for households and individuals, as long as there is no simultaneous and reciprocal or individual agreement.

The tables in this publication present the main economic magnitudes of social protection from different standpoints, either in absolute or relative figures, by comparing different groups of social protection systems or managing units, or by indexing them with macroeconomic references (GDP, population, CPI, etc.).

As in all statistical series that are complex to draw up and depend on a significant number of sources and other results, the data from these accounts are somewhat difficult to update and stabilise. If we add to this the fact that the SEEPROS methodology has incorporated some changes and precisions of aspects of its application, this explains the appearance of differences between the statistical series published for different years. That is why, every two years, Idescat publishes the Accounts for the last five years, thus constructing overlapping five-year series that differ from each other in certain ways.

The tables corresponding to the time series 2001–2005, 2003–2007, 2006–2010, 2007–2011, 2008–2012 and 2009–2013 can be consulted in the menu that appears at the bottom of this table.

For a better understanding of this operation, please consult the methodological notes and you may also view the documentary information from previous editions.

For synthesised information, please consult the Social protection accounts section of the Statistical yearbook of Catalonia and the indicators on Demographics and quality of life.

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