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EE Companies and Establishments

The Statistics on companies and establishments present the results for Catalonia of the annual exploitation of the INE's Central company directory (DIRCE). As well as information on the companies with a head office in Catalonia, also produced by the INE, these statistics include tables that account for the number of companies with economic activity in Catalonia, understood to be companies with establishments in Catalonia It also tabulates the establishments located in Catalonia, regardless of whether they belong to companies with their head offices in Catalonia or not.

The DIRCE contains basic information (identification, location in the territory and classification by dimension and sector of economic activity) on the companies and establishments located in Spain, on the basis of administrative sources and statistical files, complemented with information originating from the INE's own operations. The DIRCE covers all economic activities apart from fishing and agriculture, Central, regional and local administration's administrative services (including Social Security), the activities of property owners' associations and domestic services.

For each of the groups of companies (with establishments and with head offices in Catalonia), these statistics present tables that cross-compare the sector of activity with the number of wage-earning employees or the legal condition of the company. Since 2008, activity sectors have been codified using the Catalan classification of economic activities 2009. A disaggregated sectorisation is used on the Group level of the CCAE-2009 (252 branches) and another that is more aggregated (38 sectors). The establishments are also tabulated using the two aforementioned sectorisations, but these are only cross-compared with the establishment's number of wage-earning employees.

For the 2000 to 2009 period, the information is tabulated using the CCAE-93 Rev.1 (the results for the years 2008 and 2009 are published using both classifications). From 2010 the activity sector will only be coded using the CCAE-2009.

The reference date for the data is January 1 of the corresponding year and the available series began in the year 2000.

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