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EP Population Estimates

The Population Estimates is a statistical operation performed every year, which provides a headcount of the population residing in Catalonia. They offer data of the residents in Catalonia, provinces, areas of the Territorial Plan, counties and Aran, and municipalities of 50,000 inhabitants or more, classified by sex and age. The Population Estimates allow different demographic and socio-economic indicators to be calculated each year.

Idescat draws up the Advanced Postcensal Estimates in order to provide a calculation of the population with the least amount of delay with respect to the reference data. The results are kept updated until they are replaced by the Definitive Postcensal Estimates, which are calculated annually once the figures for births, deaths and migrations are made available for the year in question. Finally, the Postcensal Estimates are replaced by the Intercensal Estimates when the official figures of the new Population Census, conducted every ten years, are made available.

Geographical area: Catalonia


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