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EPCENT Centenarian Population Estimate

The Centenarian Population Estimate provides a calculation of the population aged 100 years old or over residing in Catalonia, classified by sex and age up to the 105-year-old and over group.

Idescat draws up an estimate of the centenarian population upon their deaths. The information of the age at the time of death is used to calculate the elderly population in the last year and in previous years. The centenarian population of each age is calculated upon the basis of the proportion of the number of people of a generation still alive with respect to the number of people of the same generation who have died in recent years.

The availability of new data on deaths each year permits a retrospective calculation of the centenarian populations of previous years and more accurate estimates. For this reason, the Centenarian Population Estimate of previous years is updated every year. The data become definitive years later, when all the centenarian people of a generation have died.

From the Population Census 2021 and the calculation of the Intercensal Population Estimates 2012–2021, there are changes in the centenary population sources. The Population Estimates become the reference source of the centenarian population for the years 2012 and later, and offer the population of Catalonia by sex and age up to 105 years and more, and the centenarian population of the provinces, the areas of the territorial plan and the counties and Aran. On the other hand, the centenarian population estimate is maintained as the reference source of the centenarian population for the period 1981–2011.

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