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IPRI Industrial Price Index

The Industrial Price Index is a short-term indicator which measures monthly changes in the price of industrial products manufactured and sold in the domestic market in the first stage of commercialisation, that is, the ex factory sale prices, excluding transport and commercialisation expenses, and invoiced VAT. This index covers all industrial sectors, except construction.

The Industrial Price Index is calculated for the large industrial sectors, according to the economic destination of goods (defined by EC Regulation No. 656/2007 of the Commission of the European Communities, amending EC Regulation No. 586/2001, in reference to the definition of large industrial sectors). Idescat includes a disaggregation by equipment and intermediate goods for Catalonia.

Idescat also calculates the Industrial Price Index of industrial products, which includes all the large industrial sectors, except for energy.

The industrial price index also investigates the activity sectors of mining and manufacturing industries and the electricity, gas and water industries (which correspond to sections B, C, D and E of the CCAE-2009 and the divisions within manufacturing industries).

The primary source of information is a continuous monthly survey carried out by the INE.