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IST Small Area Socioeconomic Index

The Small Area Socioeconomic Index (IST) is a synthetic index that summarises various socioeconomic characteristics of the population in a single value. The Index brings together information on the employment situation, educational level, immigration status and income of all persons residing in each one of the territorial units, based on six sectoral indicators.

The Small Area Socioeconomic Index is a relative index, without units of measurement. It establishes a reference value for Catalonia equal to 100 and a value for each territorial unit in comparison with the average value for Catalonia.

The results are presented by census tract group, which divide Catalonia into territorial units with an average of 9,000 people. Each census tract group is made up of a set of territorially contiguous census tracts with similar socioeconomic characteristics. Of the 853 census tract groups currently established for Catalonia, 713 are inframunicipal, 26 correspond to one municipality each and 114 are supramunicipal (groups of municipalities within their county). Results are also provided by census tract, municipality, Barcelona city district and county, and for the whole of Catalonia.

The Small Area Socioeconomic Index is published annually and contains data from 2015 to the present.

Interactive maps of the Small Area Socioeconomic Index by county and Aran, municipality, census track group and census tract

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