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PIBA Annual Economic Accounts for Catalonia

The Annual Economic Accounts for Catalonia are a statistical product whose main objective is to offer detailed information on the Catalan economy in three main areas: supply, demand and income.

Idescat presents the Annual Economic Accounts for Catalonia, with the 2019 Benchmark Revision and the previous bases of 2010, 2008 and 2000, in accordance with the methodology of the European System of Accounts.

In the context of the statistics on economic accounts in Catalonia, this is an important operation, since it provides estimates for the main macroeconomic variables (value of production, intermediate consumption, added value, compensation of employees, gross operating surplus and jobs), broken down into forty-four activity branches. The volume indices and deflator indices and their changes are also presented.

The series of the Annual Economic Accounts for Catalonia were updated in March 2020, in accordance with the 2019 Benchmark Revision, in keeping with the international recommendations within Europe. This Benchmark Revision, which replaces the previous 2010 base, has been instigated by Eurostat and the Central European Bank, and meets the need to periodically update the estimate sources and methods used in compiling the national accounts to ensure that they are opportune, accurate and punctual.

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