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PPSR Statistics on non-contributory pensions

Non-contributory pensions, usually of indefinite length, are awarded to people who do not have sufficient economic resources, meet certain age or disability requirements and cannot qualify for any contributory coverage. The non-contributory pension data are presented in two modalities.

  • Non-contributory Social Security pensions. Information is presented on the number of pensions and the average gross pension in December in terms of the type of pension, age, gender and length, broken down territorially as far as the municipal area.
  • Welfare pensions. These include age and sickness welfare pensions and the LISMI (minimum income guarantee subsidy), pensions which, since the implementation of non-contributory pensions in 1991, are in the process of extinction, as no new beneficiaries are accepted. Information is presented on the number of pensions, the gross average pension in December and the annual amount of the pensions of people residing in Catalonia. Municipal data were provided until 2008.

The statistics are drawn up upon the basis of the data provided by the Ministry of Social Rights.

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