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PROJ Population Projections

The purpose of the Population Projections is to evaluate future population figures of Catalonia, as classified by sex, age and area of residence. The projection is based on the Post-Census Estimate, to which hypotheses regarding the future evolution of fertility, mortality and migration are applied.

The Population Projections are updated every five years and provide information classified by sex and age year-over-year. Territorially-speaking, it provides results for Catalonia, the Territorial planning areas, provinces, counties and the municipality of Barcelona.

Every five years Idescat produces a series of statistics which are categorised as population projections, according to different demographically-based hypotheses. It firstly updates the population projections by sex and age, and then, the municipal population projections, the household projections, the active population projections and the school-age population projections.

Geographical area: Catalonia

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