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PROJM Municipal Population Projections

The purpose of Municipal Population Projections is to provide short to medium-term population size forecasts for the municipalities in Catalonia and their predicted distributions in terms of sex and age. The Municipal Population Projections are based on the previously published County Population Projections for Catalonia and the municipal demographic trends observed over the last five years. Thus, for each municipality, the results of the Municipal Population Projections show the expected impact of the recent trends in a municipality's fertility rate, mortality rate and migrations together with the projected demographic evolution of its county. In this sense, they should be interpreted as population trends based on pre-established assumptions about the evolution of the different elements of population growth.

The Municipal Population Projections provide results for all the municipalities in Catalonia, disaggregated by sex and three broad age groups. For municipalities with more than 2,000 inhabitants, the results are further disaggregated into more detailed age groups.

To consult the results for a specific municipality, we suggest you first select the municipality from the drop-down menu under the geographical area tab, then select the relevant table from the available options.

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