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PROJM Municipal Population Projections

The purpose of Municipal Population Projections is to provide information, in the short to medium term, about what the future population figures might be of municipality in Catalonia and their distribution in terms of sex and age. Municipal Population Projections are drawn up on the basis of county results of the Population Projections of Catalonia that have previously been published for the period 2018–2033 and on the demographic evolution of municipalities in the period 2013–2018. Hence, for each municipality, the results of the Municipal Population Projections indicate what the effect will be of the recent trends in the fertility rate, mortality rate and migration to and from the municipality with the demographic change projected for its county. Therefore, they should be interpreted as population trends under a preset scenario evolution of the components of population growth.

Municipal Population Projections offer results for all of the municipalities of Catalonia, disaggregated by sex and three large age groups. In municipalities with 2,000 or more inhabitants, results are offered with a more detailed disaggregation by ages.

In order to consult the results for a specific municipality, we suggest that you first select the municipality from the drop-down menu corresponding to the geographical area, then select the table in the relevant section among the available tables.

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