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TICLT Territorial Survey on ICT in Households

The Territorial Survey of Information and Communication Technologies in Households (TICLT) is a sample based survey conducted by Idescat to complement the information provided by the Survey of the Equipment and Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Households (TICL) conducted by the INE and Idescat.

Idescat carries out this statistical operation, which was performed on an annual basis until 2011. After this year, the survey was performed biennially.

The main objective of these statistics is to obtain territorial estimates (areas of the territorial plan and counties and Aran) for the most important ICT indicators in relation to equipment in households and the use that people make of the same. Furthermore, from 2013 onwards, they show results for Catalonia as a whole for current issues in relation to ICTs.

The results on ICT equipment in dwellings are presented disaggregated by household characteristics (size of municipality and size of household). The tables containing the results on the use of ICTs offer the information disaggregated by demographic and socio-economic characteristics.

The published information makes reference to dwellings where at least one person aged between 16 and 74 years lives and people in this age group.

Geographical area: Catalonia

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