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1. Organisation and How the Services are Managed

The Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat) is the official statistical body of the Government of Catalonia. It is formally constituted as an administratively autonomous institution affiliated to the department in charge of managing and coordinating the Statistics System of Catalonia.

Idescat's mission is to provide relevant and high-quality statistical information, with professional independence, and to coordinate the Statistical System of Catalonia, with an aim to contribute to decision-making and to the research and improvement of public policies.

The Statistical Institute of Catalonia provides, among others, services including the dissemination of official statistics, communications on statistical results, personalised user attention, the processing of made-to-measure statistical results, the issuance of certifications and a library.

Access to the services is universal, meaning it is open to the general public and no specific conditions are required.

Idescat provides its services directly through the Administration's own resources.

The main channel for accessing these services is Idescat's web page - the official statistics website of Catalonia ( Here, apart from general information about Idescat, you can access official statistical data freely, as well as links allowing you to request the various services. Idescat is also present in the social networks to facilitate information about news and notifications about the publication of statistical results.

It also has a telephone number for professional support (statistical information), the number 93 557 31 00.

Idescat's headquarters on Via Laietana, 58. 08003 Barcelona also deals with users in person. The days and times for telephone and in-person attention are as follows:

  • General: working days from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Special: in August, only telephone attention
  • No service: 24 and 31 December