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7. Usable Claim, Complaint or Suggestion Procedures for the Service Received

With regard to the services and the attention received, we inform you that the following complaint procedures are available to you:

7.1. Making a Claim, Complaint or Suggestion

If necessary, you can make a claim, complaint or suggestion by means of the electronic form or the paper form which you will find at your disposal at Idescat's headquarters.

You can submit the paper form at any Administration registry of the Government of Catalonia or the Spanish Government, at offices that have signed an agreement or at post offices.

If you do not require a reply, you can make the complaint anonymously. In any case, the Administration will also act if it is deemed appropriate or necessary.

You can submit both the paper form and the electronic form to Idescat, who will respond to your claim, complaint or suggestion within a maximum of one month from the day after receipt of the form has been received.

If you consider it appropriate, you can submit the claim, complaint or suggestion to other bodies of the Administration of the Government of Catalonia, in which case, it will ultimately be submitted to Idescat so that they can reply to you.

In all cases, you will be told the reasons which might have caused the events or circumstances you refer to in the claim, complaint or suggestion, and the measures that can be taken to remedy or improve the situation and, where possible, you will be offered service alternatives.

Idescat's website provides its users with a suggestions mailbox for them to make their suggestions, complaints and claims about failure to fulfil the commitments gathered in this Customer Service Charter. The opinions received about the services contribute to the continuous improvement of Idescat.

7.2. Presentation of the Relevant Resources and Claims Laid Down in the Current Regulations, Where Applicable

On this page, you will find a list of resources and claims which the regulations set forth as general for the set of services provided by the Administration. Among the brief information presented for each of them, it is specified, in general terms, when it is appropriate to use one kind or another, depending on the type or the characteristics of the public service in question.