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Construction Costs Index

Construction Costs Index Catalonia. 2015
Value Variation (%)
General index 180.0 -4.3
Buildings 175.5 -3.2
Civil works 193.1 -7.1
Units: Base December 1994 = 100.
Source: Official Chamber of Works Contractors of Catalonia.
- The data for the last year are provisional.
- Indicator pending update, awaiting a review of the methodology.

Last update: March 14, 2016.

Monthly data

Methodological note

The Construction Costs Index is a monthly indicator based on a survey that shows the prices of basic components in the cost structure of a project, in other words, the price of the construction materials delivered onsite (sale price plus transport) and labour costs (salaries plus payroll taxes for days worked).

This basic information is then used to draw up three index numbers which reflect monthly changes in the cost of constructing a building, the cost of constructing civil engineering works and the cost of a project in which neither type is predominant, which is called "total construction cost" as it includes both main types.

The statistical series referring to Spain is not strictly homogeneous with the one on Catalonia, as different sources for the calculation of the index are used. In both cases, the index has December 1994 as a base month-year.