Cement indicators

Cement indicators Catalonia. 2016
Value Variation (%)
Consumption of cement 1,637.2 6.0
Production of clinker : ..
Production of cement 2,528.8 10.9
Sales of grey cement 1,347.2 4.3
Imports 35.7 -32.0
imports of clinker : ..
imports of cement : ..
Exports 2,638.5 7.5
exports of clinker : ..
exports of cement : ..
Units: Thousands of tonnes.
Source: Oficemen; Ciment Català.
Data from the last year are provisional.
: Not available
Cement indicators Spain. 2016
Value Variation (%)
Consumption of cement 11,140.6 -3.1
Production of clinker 17,039.4 -3.7
Production of cement 14,053.2 -6.8
Sales of grey cement 10,509.8 -18.1
Imports 357.2 -20.1
imports of clinker 7.1 -86.1
imports of cement 350.1 -11.6
Exports 9,782.6 5.1
exports of clinker 5,634.4 5.0
exports of cement 4,148.3 5.3
Units: Thousands of tonnes.
Source: Oficemen.
Data from the last year are provisional.

Date published: January 26, 2017.

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Methodological note

The consumption of cement is a very common indicator of construction sector activity, as its evolution is a global reflection of the cyclic dynamics of the sector.

The consumption of cement represents the real consumption of all types of cement (grey, white and calcium aluminate cement). The information for Catalonia is based on sales data on Catalonia, by all cement manufacturers operating in Spain, and complemented with data on all types of materials imported and recorded by the Directorate General of Customs as being shipped to the region of Catalonia; when this material is not cement, but clinker, it is corrected using the appropriate factor.

Sales of grey cement refer to sales in Catalonia by manufacturers that are members of Ciment Català, and there is no discrimination with respect to the place of manufacture as long as it is inside Spain. The definition of grey cement used here also includes calcium aluminate cement.

Import and export of cement and clinker: When considering the total amounts, it is important to consider that to manufacture a ton of cement, less than a ton of clinker is needed.

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