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Industrial Production Index (IPI). By large industrial sectors

Industrial Production Index (IPI). By large industrial sectors Catalonia. 2019
Index (annual average) Variation (%)
General index (IPI) 106.4 -1.2
Energy 103.0 3.3
Industrial products 106.9 -1.8
consumer goods 107.7 -1.5
consumer durables 126.7 2.0
consumer non-durables 106.8 -1.7
equipment goods 112.2 -0.1
structural metal products and transport material 108.2 -0.3
machinery and others 117.5 0.2
intermediate goods 102.8 -3.4
non metallic, energy or chemical minerals 101.5 -2.1
other intermediate goods 103.6 -4.0
Units: Base 2015 = 100.
Source: Idescat and INE.
Industrial Production Index (IPI). By large industrial sectors Spain. 2019
Index (annual average) Variation (%)
General index (IPI) 105.9 0.7
Energy 99.0 -0.4
Industrial products (1) 107.9 0.9
consumer goods 103.5 1.5
consumer durables 103.4 -1.1
consumer non-durables 103.5 1.7
equipment goods 113.1 2.5
intermediate goods 107.8 -0.8
Units: Base 2015 = 100.
Source: INE.
(1) Data calculated by Idescat from information published by the INE, to facilitate comparability of the tables.

Last update: February 7, 2020. Revised series on May 8, 2020.

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Methodological note

The Industrial Production Index (IPI) is a short-term indicator which measures changes in the production activity of the industrial branches. The purpose of the index is to measure change in the volume of gross added value generated by the industrial branches and by industry as a whole. Consequently it measures changes in industrial production without the price effect.

The Industrial products production index includes all the major industrial sectors apart from energy, defined according to Regulation (EC) No 656/2007 of the Commission of the European Communities modifying Regulation (EC) No 586/2001 as regards the definition of Main Industrial Groupings. The Industrial products production index does not include divisions 06, 19, 35 and 36 (CCEA-09).

IPI information is broken down into the main industrial sectors established by the aforementioned regulation, to which Idescat incorporates for Catalonia an additional disaggregation for equipment goods and intermediate goods.

The indexes use Laspeyres methodology, with weightings set for the base year (2015), in line with the information from the Annual Industrial Company Survey (AICS) and the Annual Industrial Product Survey (AIPS).

A continuous survey is taken every month in order to produce this short-term indicator. The industrial products which make up the basket for the IPI base 2015 basically follow the PRODCOM (Community Production) classification for harmonization of statistics for industrial production in European Union countries.

In compliance with EU regulations, since January 2018 the indexes have been published with the new base 2015 and following the new Catalan Classification of Economic Activities 2009 (CCEA-2009). Linked series since January 2002 are also provided.