Foreign Tourism. 01/2018

The number of foreign tourists arriving in Catalonia increased by 2.0% on the year–over–year data for January 2018. By country of habitual residence, among the countries of majority origin, Italy, United Kingdom and United Estates show the highest year-on-year growths (13.8%, 8.6% and 62.0% respectively), while France and Germany showed a negative year-on-year rate (−11.0%, and −41.7%, respectively).

On the other hand, by reason for the trip, leisure trips increased by 11.6%, while business and trips for other reasons (health, studies, family...) decreased (−42.5%, and −7.4%, respectively). As for the principal type of accommodation, market accommodation increased by 2.3% and non-market accommodation by 1.3%.

The Statistics on Foreign Tourism in Catalonia provides monthly and annual data on the number of foreign visitors (tourists and day-trippers) whose primary destination of their trip is Catalonia.

The interactive consultation of this statistic allows crossing of the following variables: way of entry, type of traveller, reason for travelling, type of accommodation, length of trip, and country of residence. It is also publishing the year-over-year variation of each variable. The data reference period is considered to be the month the trip ends, regardless of its length.

Idescat makes a monthly treatment of the Statistics on Tourist Movement on the Borders and the Tourist Expenditure Survey from the INE.

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