Statistics on Innovation in Companies. 2016

The expenditure on technological innovation of companies based in Catalonia with ten or more employees stood at 3,209.7 million euros in 2016, accounting for 2.1% of its turnover. The 94.5% of this expediture corresponds to tecnological innovation activities that took place in Catalonia. The expediture totalled 3,367.2 million euros if the expenditure of all the Companies involved in technological innovation in Catalonia is taken into account, regardless of where the registered office was located.

67.2% of the total expenditure on technological innovation in Catalonia focused on industry, while services accounted for 32.2%.

The number of companies based in Catalonia which conducted technological innovation activities in 2016 stood at 3,602, a figure which fell to 3,408 if only companies with their registered offices here were counted.

The distribution by activity sectors shows that the influences of industry and services on the number of innovative companies were very similar (48.8% and 47.8%, respectively).

With regard to technological innovation intensity, the percentage of turnover accounted for by expenditure on technological innovation activities stood at 2.1% in innovative companies with 10 or more employees based in Catalonia. The innovation intensity in the agricultural sector (2.54%) and industry (2.48%) was considerable.

The percentage of companies with 10 or more employees based in Catalonia which conducted technological innovation in the last three years (the 2014-2016 period) stood at 14.3%. This percentage increased to 16.2% when companies with ongoing or abandoned innovations (together with technologically innovative ones, comprising the EIN Companies) were included.

In the 2014-2016 period, 7,933 companies with 10 or more employees based in Catalonia conducted non-technological (organizational or commercial) innovation, a figure accounting for 28.1% of the total.

The Innovation in Companies Statistics provide information on technological and non-technological innovation processes within companies, based on indicators that enable the understanding of these processes (economic impact, types of innovative activities, costs, among others).

The primary source of information is the Innovation in Companies Survey, conducted on an annual basis by the INE in cooperation with Idescat in Catalonia (in accordance with the agreement signed by the two institutes). For the first time, Idescat is presenting expanded results with an exhaustive summary of indicators related to the innovative process and breaks them down in accordance with the size of the company in terms of number of employees (from 10 to 249 employees, 250 employees or more) and the activity sector (agriculture, industry, construction and services). The results corresponding to 2016 are accompanied by updated data for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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