Active population survey. Q2 2018

Unemployment fell in Catalonia by 65,500 people in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the previous year (−13.1%) standing at 432,000 unemployed people, with an unemployment rate of 11.39% (1.18 points less than the previous year) according to the Active Population Survey. By sex, the year-over-year decline in unemployment for women is higher than that of men (−15.8% and −10.4%, respectively). By ages, stands out the decrease in the group of 55 years and over (−23.9%).

The number of households with all its active members unemployed in the second quarter of 2018 decreased by 31,600 (−20.1%) with respect to the same period of the previous year, and stands at 125,900 households.

The number of employed people rose by 89,900 individuals, totalling 3,360,400 people, 2.7% higher than the same period of the previous year. By sector, if we compare employment by the year-over-year, the highest absolute increase in employed people corresponds to industry (53,800 persons; 9.3%), followed by the service sector (23,900 persons; 1.0%), agriculture (9,000 persons; 16.9%) and the construction sector (3,300 persons; 1.6%). By sex, the employment increased in a similar way for women and for men (2.8% and 2.7, respectively). As for age groups, the greatest increase in employment in comparison to the previous year occurred in young people from 16 to 24 (11.5%) followed by population from 55 and more (6.1%). Regarding type of working day, the increase is more intense in full-time employment (3.0%) than in part-time (1.1%). Among the employees population, the increase in permanent contracts (3.5%) was higher than in temporary contracts (2.8%).

With regard to specific sectors, the population working in the cultural sector decreased by 1.3% in the year-over-year, totalling 167,300 people, representing 5.0% of the total employment rate. By sex, the cultural sector employed 95,900 men and 71,400 women.

In the tourism sector, the number of employed people rose by 1.2% with respect to the second quarter of 2017, totalling 457,900 people (13.6% of the entire working population). By sex the tourism sector employs 261,500 men and 196,400 women.

The ICT sector employed 103,400 people in the second quarter of 2018 (1.4% less than one year ago), representing 3.1% of the total employment rate.

The statistical source of this data is the Active population survey (EPA in its Catalan acronym). EPA is a continuous sampling survey carried out in all of Spain by the INE on a quarterly basis, the main purpose of which is to study the relationship with the economic activity of the population. Idescat completes the quarterly results of the EPA for the area of Catalonia.

Active Population Survey

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