Names and Surnames of the Population. 2018

Antonio and José and Maria/María and Montserrat are the most common given names for males and females in the Catalan population in the year 2018.

Meanwhile, Garcia, Martinez, Lopez and Sanchez are at the top of the list of surnames.

The Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat) has updated the information in relation to the given names and surnames of the population resident in Catalonia from the data of the Catalonia's Population Register.

This database shows the frequency of the different first names and surnames of the men and women residing in Catalonia. The data can be viewed in order of the most frequent first names and surnames. A specific search can also be made for individual first names or surnames to find out how frequent they are in the population as a whole. This information can be found for Catalonia as a whole, for areas of the Territorial Plan and by counties, as well as, in the case of first names, by decade of birth and nationality.

Names and Surnames of the Population

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