Territorial Survey on ICT in Households. 2017

The use of the Internet in the households of the Girona Counties and Ponent increased by five percentage points between 2015 and 2017, according to the Territorial Survey on ICT in Households. The percentages of people aged between 16 and 74 who have used the Internet in the last three months in these areas total 85.0% and 83.8% respectively, proportions lower than the Catalan average (85.7%).

The areas which recorded the highest Internet use percentages were El Camp de Tarragona (86.9%) and the Metropolitan Area (86.3%), which stood at more than two points above the average for the European Union (84.0%), while Les Terres de l’Ebre recorded the lowest Internet use percentage (80.6%).

Analysis of the Internet services used in Catalonia shows that 74.3% of the population aged 16 between 74 used email. All the counties stood above the Spanish average, except for La Terra Alta and El Baix Ebre.

With regard to the number of people who made purchases online, the Metropolitan Area and El Camp de Tarragona were those which recorded the highest percentages (both 60.8%). By counties, El Tarragonès recorded the highest Internet shopping percentage (62.5%).

Computer use fell in all the areas, except for Ponent and the Girona Counties. The highest proportion, 79.2%, was recorded in El Camp de Tarragona and the lowest, 70.1%, in Les Terres de l’Ebre.

With regard to ICT equipment, all the territorial areas displayed improvements in the equipment indicators between 2015 and 2017, except for incidents related to the Internet access provider, which fell in only 5 of the 8 areas.

With respect to the above indicators, El Vallès Oriental had the highest proportion of households with broadband Internet access, with a percentage of 85.1%, and it was the only county which exceeded the European average for households with Internet access (85.0%).

As for households with incidents related to the Internet provider, one in every three counties displayed a percentage lower than the Catalan average (24.7%).

96.9% of Catalan households had a mobile phone in 2017. Of the above, 42.4% had two mobile phones. There were tablets in 54% of households, and most of them had just one (64.7%).

Territorial Survey on ICT in Households is a biennial operation whose objective is to obtain territorial estimates (areas of the Territorial Plan and counties and Aran) of the most important indicators of equipment and use of ICT in Catalan households. In order to meet this objective, a telephone survey is carried out on 3,150 main Households throughout Catalonia, and composite estimators are calculated by applying a small area methodology. The results of the equipment indicators are calculated for households with at least one member aged between 16 and 74 years, and use indicators for people aged between 16 and 74 years. The reference period of the survey is the year 2017.

This Survey also provides results for the whole of Catalonia for ICT indicators regarded as relevant to each Survey, such as the above-mentioned presence of tablets in households, knowledge of e-Government tools, Internet purchases and use of the Internet for searching, planning and contracting tourist services.

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