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Turnover Index on Industry. 09/2018

The Industrial business volume index (IVNI) for industrial products, excluding energy, registered a year-on-year decrease of 5.6% in September 2018. All large industrial sectors showed decreases: equipment goods (−12.9%), consumer goods (−4.0%) and intermediate goods (−2.3%). In this period, the general IVNI index decreased by 4.2% in year-over-year terms in Catalonia.

The Turnover Index on Industry (IVNI) is a short-term indicator used to measure the monthly evolution of the turnover of industrial companies. It is a value index, i.e. it measures the joint evolution of amounts, qualities and prices.

To obtain this indicator, the INE conducts an on-going monthly survey. For Catalonia, it researches some 2,300 companies operating in the industrial sector, which are used to obtain the general index and the large industrial sectors indexes. Idescat calculates the non-energy industrial products index for Catalonia and Spain.

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