Structural Business Statistics in the Service Sector. 2016

The turnover generated by wholesale trade companies in Catalonia stood at 88,845 million euros in 2016, according to the Structural Business Statistics in the Service Sector. Of all service sectors, wholesale trade is the sector generating the highest business volume and most added value (12,371 million euros), and that of retail trade, with a turnover of 39,361 million euros, is that which recorded the highest number of companies (78,840) and employees (306,596).

With regard to the remaining services, the transport and storage sector stood out in terms of turnover (22,404 million euros), while professional, scientific and technical activities were the most significant in terms of the number of companies (76,786) and added value (8,218 million euros). With regard to the number of employed people, the highest figure was recorded by the administrative activities and auxiliary activities sector (279,395).

The Structural Business Statistics in the Service Sector , called the Annual Services Survey prior to the reference year 2014, is the main source of information on all market services. The fundamental purpose is to study the structural characteristics of service companies, including trade companies (number of establishments and employees, turnover, intermediate consumption, personnel costs, investment, etc.), with a large sectoral disaggregation.

The main sources of information are the Structural Business Statistics in the Trade and Service Sector, which are two annual sample surveys carried out by the INE in conjunction with Idescat in Catalonia (in accordance with the joint agreements signed by the two institutions). Idescat makes a detailed treatment for Catalonia.

Starting in the reference year 2015, a project to integrate the structural business surveys in the industrial, trade and service sectors was carried out, which brought about the following changes::

  • Practically identical questionnaires in the three sectors.
  • More efficient sample designs, to reduce the burden on the respondents and make better use of administrative records.
  • New name for the former operations (Annual Trade Survey, Annual Services Survey and Industrial Companies Survey), which became the Structural Business Statistics in theTrade Sector, the Service Sector and the Industrial Sector.

The reference year for 2016 applies different methodological improvements and therefore the 2016 results are not strictly comparable with those for previous years, as the evolution of the variables may reflect both possible actual changes in the period and the effects of the methodological improvements on the estimates of the above-mentioned variables. Consequently, the results published for the 2008 to 2015 period form part of the historical series, which can be viewed in the Structural Business Statistics in the Service Sector 2008–2015

Structural Business Statistics in the Service Sector

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