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Statistics on Audiovisuals. 2016

The turnover of companies in the audiovisual sector in Catalonia in 2016 was 1,662 million euros. In the same year, the audiovisual sector employed 11,616 people. As for the advertising sector in Catalonia, its turnover was 3,544 million euros and it employed 22,288 people.

Idescat produces the Statistics on Audiovisuals in Catalonia every year, the aim of which are to provide information on the economics, funding and employment generated, the demand for goods and services from the audiovisual sector (cinema, radio and television) and its offer, as well as the main data on the advertising sector.

These statistics are produced on the basis of different sources of information: Structural Business Statistics in the Service Sector (called the Annual Services Survey prior to the reference year 2014) and the Statistics on Household Consumer Expenditures for data on the sector's economics; the Survey on Cultural Consumption and Practices to produce the data on the demand for audiovisual content, and the administrative records of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries and the Audiovisual Council of Catalonia to calculate the data on the audiovisual offer.

Basic data

Statistical Yearbook of Catalonia