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Municipal Population Register. Statistical exploitation. 2019. Advance. Provisional data

The registered population of Catalonia stands at 7,672,699 inhabitants as of 1 January 2019, according to the provisional data of the Municipal Population Register. This figure represents a rise of 72,634 people (1.0%) with respect to 1 January 2018.

By nationality, the foreign population stands at 1,157,551 inhabitants, constituting an increase of 75,452 people (7.0%). The population of Spanish citizenship (6,515,148 inhabitants) has fallen by 2,818 people. The population of foreign nationality accounts for 15.1% of the total.

The provisional data from the statistical exploitation of the Register are only available by provinces. Information on the disaggregated population is provided broken down by the variables of sex, age, place of birth and nationality.

In December 2019 Idescat will publish the definitive population figures by municipalities, counties and Aran, the areas of the Territorial Plan and provinces. The population figures of each of the municipalities are declared official by means of a royal decree of the State Government see Which population figures does Idescat publish?).