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Business Climate Survey. Q2 2019

The business situation of Catalan companies in the second quarter of 2019 recorded a balance of 11.6 points, a figure representing an increase of 6.5 points with respect to the situation in the previous quarter, but a fall of 3.1 points in comparison with the expectations for the second quarter expressed in the previous quarter.

By sectors of activity, they all displayed positive balances in terms of their business performances. We should highlight the sectors of rest of services, hostelry and construction, with respective balances of 16.2, 12.3 and 11.7 points, according to the Business Climate Survey.

In addition, business situation expectations for the third quarter of 2019 display a balance of 11.8 points, a figure 2.9 points below the expectations for the previous quarter (14.7 points).